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We are highly specialise in building a perfect swimming pools.

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Swimming Pool Design, Construction & Build Consulting

Architectural, structural and civil design services for pools and water features

Global Leaders in Pool Design

Renaissance Corporation has long been recognized as a leader in the swimming pool industry by consistently manufacturing, designing and supplying high-quality specialty aquatic equipment as well as complete filtration systems and stainless steel recirculating systems.

Pool Design Services Include:

  • Materials consulting
  • Specification development
  • Project scheduling
  • Detail development
  • Cost estimation

Our Team Is Your Biggest Asset

As with any corporation, Renaissance is people, but all with engineering backgrounds in the design, construction and operation of commercial swimming pool systems. When it comes to initial planning, budget preparation, feasibility studies or troubleshooting, you may find a few suggestions from us can offer you the substantial savings you need in today’s economy. The multitude of considerations and design options available to the pool designer can be overwhelming. Our team can help you, your architects, engineers or consultants with preliminary concepts, ideas or specific questions to the most complex and challenging design issues.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help make your project a success from inception and design to critical fabrication, field support and beyond.

How Renaissance Can Help

We are not an architectural firm, but you might think of us as engineering and architectural counselors to owners, contractors and design professionals. Our staff works with architects or engineers to provide successful, on budget, on-schedule pool projects. Our other services include the development of construction budgets, operational costs and field evaluation geared toward developing programs for new construction or renovation. The design team of architects, structural, mechanical and civil engineers at Renaissance will help with your preliminary questions and provide specific answers in designing a swimming pool or aquatic facility. We offer a range of services during the schematic design and design development phases. Our construction, post-construction, project bidding and pre-design services are also available to assist you in this complex process.

Complete on-site construction services

Quality Pool Construction

Think of Renaissance as the source for commercial pool design, equipment, systems, construction, renovation and overall expert advice. We know and understand the proper equipment selection and pricing to design and build any commercial pool you desire.

Pool Construction Services Include:

  • Shop drawings, product data, samples and submittals
  • Inspection coordination
  • Project schedule monitoring
  • Construction cost accounting
  • Agency consulting, review and approval
  • On-site observation, troubleshooting and technical assistance

Renaissance Pool Construction Process

Construction of Renaissance pools, equipment and systems begins at our production facility in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Our in-house operations include production assembly and welding departments. These departments manufacture products for construction including hydrotherapy pools, whirlpools and spas, GPM grating, bulkheads, filters and perimeter gutters. Renaissance builders or operations field staff deliver the equipment to the job site where it is installed.
Our cost estimation guide walks you through the phases of pool construction, including labor, materials, equipment, supplies, contractor’s fees, overhead and profit.

Comprehensive Pool Construction Services Include

  • Administration of shop drawings, product data, samples and submittals
  • Construction field observation
  • Inspection coordination
  • Supplemental document development
  • Project schedule monitoring
  • Construction cost accounting
  • After construction, consultation in use, occupancy and programming of a facility
  • Agency consulting, review and approval
  • Maintenance and operational programming
  • Start-up assistance
  • On-site observation, troubleshooting and technical assistance
  • Record drawings
  • Warranty reviews

Our goal is to help make your project a success from planning to installation

Whether it’s one of our Renaissance PVC pool lining systems, filter systems or our unique stainless steel pool systems, you can count on Renaissance for quality construction and sound advice.

Expert pool operation and maintenance

Let Renaissance assist with operating your pool

Comprehensive technical support gives swimming pool owners, operators, managers and plant room staff, the knowledge they need to enable them to operate their facility correctly, safely and economically.

Pool Operation Services Include:

  • Facility evaluation
  • Recirculation
  • Filtration
  • Water chemistry
  • Operating and maintaining pool equipment
  • Seasonal pool care

Renaissance Expertise in Pool Operation

Renaissance can help the operator who maintains the structure, the hardware and the water that makes the swimming pool and water feature work.
We provide information on technical issues, such as advanced water care, mechanical maintenance, automation and bather comfort and safety. Renaissance designs and specifies complete recirculation and filtration systems for commercial and public pools and produces schematic diagrams for all sizes of swimming pools and water features.
Renaissance also provides operations and maintenance manuals for our products to keep your equipment and systems performing as they should.

  • Recirculation – (water clarity, flow rate, dirt load, gutters, circulation)
  • Filtration – (sand and hi-rate filters)
  • Facility Evaluation
  • Expert Witness and Litigation Support
  • Heating – (energy sources and the conservation of energy)
  • Facility Valuation
  • Water Chemistry – (sanitation, oxidation, chemical treatment, chemical types, ozone, alkalinity and pH stability, hardness)
  • Operating and Maintaining Pool Equipment – (filters, strainers, skimmers, weirs, feeders, heaters, lights, pumps, deck equipment, competitive equipment, safety equipment)
  • Automation and Control – (temperature, chemical control, lighting and electrical, filtration cycles)
  • General Pool Operation and Maintenance – (pool bottom and sides, decks, grounds, bathhouse)
  • On-site observation, troubleshooting and technical assistance
  • Records, Data Collection and Schedules – (test sheets, chemical records, accident reports)
  • Problems and Solutions – (eye irritation, odors, coloration, staining, turbidity)
  • Seasonal Pool Care
Let Renaissance help operate and maintain your pool
Renaissance breathes new life into old pools with pool renovation

Rejuvenate Your Pool

Renovate an aging pool at a fraction of the cost for new construction. We know the cost for construction of a brand new aquatic facility has greatly increased in recent years. Facility owners, managers and operators are balancing budget constraints while trying to keep their facilities up-to-date.
The solution is renovating existing facilities rather than opting for lower quality new construction. We provide cost-effective, low maintenance solutions for these particular needs.

Pool Facility Evaluation & Renovation Consulting Services

An effective renovation program requires careful evaluation of the condition and performance of the existing pool structure, equipment and mechanical systems including filtration and recirculation.
Renaissance provides special services for renovation consulting including investigation, research and analysis for special requirements, value analysis, lifecycle cost analysis, and material and systems testing. These services in addition to our engineering support and technical assistance can make your pool like new once again.

Renaissance’s Ideal Products for Pool Renovation Include:

  • Pool Lining: PVC Membrane Systems
  • Pool Gutters: Perimeter Recirculation Systems
  • Pool Grating Systems
  • Sand Filter Systems
  • Pool Mechanical Systems
  • Deck Equipment such as ladders, starting platforms and diving stands
  • Accessory Equipment such as safety and competition equipment
Let Renaissance help make your pool like new once again.