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Pool Filtration Systems


Award winning Terminator Filter regenerative media filtration (RMF) systems are capable of filtering particulate down to 1 micron and require no backwash.

Looking to make the jump from sand filtration to RMF technology? Experience up to;

Features & Benefits of a Terminator Filter Filtration System

  • Save Water

A Renaissance pool filter system can reduce your water consumption by up to 80%. Through carefully designed hydraulics and “air boost” backwash, thousands of cubic meters of water are no longer lost during each backwash cycle.

  • Save Money

Renaissance vacuum sand filters substantially reduce maintenance costs. Compared to the partial cleaning that occurs with typical pressure sand filters, provides complete backwash and cleaning of the filters. The filter cycle is a minimum of 30 days, rather than the 3-5 day filter cycles of a typical pressure sand filter.

  • Save Time

Renaissance vacuum sand filters eliminate the need for separate hair and lint strainers, saving more than an hour of staff time per day. Additionally, Renaissance vacuum sand filters are delivered to your site complete with all required pumps, valves, controls, and media; reducing installation and construction time by more than 80%.